Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Rain was here"

It rained almost the whole night, and as soon as it was over I thought it's a perfect time to go out and experiment some more. These pictures are FAR from pro quality (like Tom's, for example) but I enjoyed taking them so much and I think I'm making a tiny progress :)

First, my pitiful attempt to capture sun's rays through the branches ;)

The next photo is somewhat a mystery to me. The flash was on, but the lighting turned out somewhat weird on the image. The middle is super bright, but everywhere else the colors are dark. No clue what happened there... But I kind of like how it looks.

A little closer...

I was a little obsessed with droplets today...

It was fun. I have at least 25 more shots, but they are basically the same thing from different angles. Experimenting :) Anyways, I came across a problem when I was saving these images. I read that JPEG format is bad because the photos end up with worse quality. That's, however, the only format I've used so far. How should I save them then?


  1. what a wonderful job with the droplets! i love the reflections you captured in them. i have only used jpeg formatting myself, so can't help you there. anyways...thanks for stoopping by my journal. i think your new journal is off to a great start!

  2. Thank you very much for encouragement, Gina!

  3. i really like all of the pictures, they look professional, and the great quality of the pictures (no blurryness, etc) is pretty cool. i also like the reflections, they make the pictures seem mysterious. have you tried the "bronze" effect?

  4. Hey Katya-

    I shoot everything in RAW (ok, most everything) and post process with either Canon Digital Photo Professional, or increasingly, Adobe Camera RAW in CS4.

    What camera are you using? Not all cameras are able to shoot in a RAW format. If you do shoot RAW, then you'll have to process your RAW files into JPEGS (or tiffs) eventually.

    Shooting in RAW helped me to understand things like contrast, white balance, saturation, etc. much better.


  5. the bronze effect is where it makes it light brown. you can find it on photobucket, if you click 'edit', under "effects" you will have bronze effect.